The Security Hub You Can Trust. We deliver high-quality security services at scale using a perfect blend of manned and cutting edge technologies round the clock.

Elite Securas is a digitally enabled security services company, founded on TRUST to provide high-quality manned and tech-enabled security at speed to our customers.

We have created a distinctive quality security services model through our investment in people training and wellness, and a scalable operation powered by the latest digital systems & technologies.

Highly Experienced and Trained People

Our people are our core assets. We select highly motivated people with strong educational background through a rigorous selection process. We have invested in a deep security training program for our associates based on our decades of industry experience .

Experienced Founders

The company is founded by highly experienced founders with 50+ years of combined experience in the field of security, professional services and digital technology enabled operating model deployment. We have a deep understanding of the local industry , security needs in major city/states in West Bengal.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Our founders have deep experience in digital technologies and security systems. We designed an operating model leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies e.g., automation, artificial intelligence, Cloud based operation, electronic security equipment, monitoring devices in a connected way and power of decision analytics at scale to determine right security model, continuous monitoring to drive best actions to mitigate risk and ensure safety of our customers in a proactive way, be it on-premise guarding or a combination of remote and on-premise security mechanism.

Agile Operation

Our operating model is based on core agile principles that make us super responsive to fulfil customer needs , mitigate any security situations on demand, and bring a blend of tech and human together into our services in a rapid manner. We are available round the clock.