Security Solutions

Our motto is and will always be – ‘Your Security, Our Priority’, and we continue to abide by it. Our determination and discipline in conforming to our motto make us the most premium and holistic security agency. We strive to exceed client expectations and offer peace of mind to our valued customers with maximum responsibility and efficient teamwork. Our staff believes in achieving excellence by maintaining quality standards in every service and gain recognition by being transparent and honest.

Max Surveillance System

Theft of stock (shrinkage) and substitute scanning are one of the problems that many retailers face whether it be a shop, bar or restaurant. Even when the problem is identified, it is often difficult to prove who is involved, even with conventional video surveillance
The Max Surveillance system links the transaction to the video surveillance footage, overlaying every transaction upon the video footage in real time. With this information the retailer can examine any problems or concerns that they may have.

Private Investigation Services

We are one of India’s premier Private Investigation service provider. Started from humble beginnings,  a considerable reputation has been obtained in highly successful investigative matters to become today one of the best known and respected private detective agency throughout India.

We provide a flexible and comprehensive veteran investigation services for the legal profession, commerce, industry and the general public in all areas of civil, criminal and personal matters.

Our services have been retained by governments, politicians and celebrities as well as international corporations, police forces, Government Agencies, the national press and broadcasting media together with numerous companies, families and individuals all of whom are assured of absolute confidentiality, complete reliability and sensitive handling of their cases.

Our experienced and fully trained staff are true professionals who through discreet enquiry, keen observation and careful, accurate examination obtain information legitimately requested for the use and benefit of our many clients throughout India.

Conflict Management & Personal Safety Training

Violence in the workplace is sadly becoming more commonplace at present. This is a worrying prospect but with the right conflict management strategy and training, the impact of this can be minimized. Maxsecure Training provide comprehensive courses in Conflict Management, and Personnel Safety. In fact Maxsecure has created a new technique which is well known as Max- technique. This unique technique can tone down tension in workplace and other gathering

Physical Intervention Skills

Physical Intervention skills (PI) may be needed in some workplace to manage challenging behaviour safely. Max technique is based on natural movement and do not require strength or aggression.